The Women of Icarus Poster


It is a contemporary dance tale, shot in Costa Rica in sumptuous natural settings. It describes the descent of women from the Sun to Earth and brings new energy. Initiatory evolution of a woman from her human condition to her condition of divine fusion with nature. Expressed through dance, body painting, land'art and other mixed arts.


  • Director Marie M'ALAYA Saurat


Marie M'ALAYA Saurat

Marie M'ALAYA Saurat

Artist dance, film, environments and accompaniment to the artist in you. Graduated from ENSAAMA in Strasbourg, I have never stopped all my life looking for a body language that expresses deep intuitions. It is in a magical healing dance that I feel most comfortable. The life/art process in 2015, and the meeting of ANNA HALPRIN allowed me to fully enter the art of process. Having been seen in the deepest by the deep expression of what was there, I was finally able to establish my progress of the soul and to do so, listen to the voice of my essence that now guides my creation. I know very well the artistic research that is nourished by open inspirations (Architecture, landscape, jewelry, teaching, visual artist and dancer, choreographer, Hatha Yoga, Hindu spirituality, Ayurveda prevention and massage finally, art therapy and life art process, finally Kiryuho in Japan, Dance aikido taught by Kajo Tsuboï, inventor). The path has in fact been only perpetual restart. Somewhere, my body knows, and what it knows, I learn as a universal truth that I take for myself. I gave birth to the world a nugget of myself. I see it, it shapes me and I can integrate it. This precious gift takes the forms that each time lends itself to the subject, film, performance, choreography, visual work and installation.