Message of the Festival Director

Through disasters to cinema...

An event that we started as a week in 2018 is taking place as an international festival this year. While leaving behind a year in which everyone was going through difficult times, we set out for Izmir, which has suffered disasters such as earthquakes, floods and tornados, and we are opening up to the world from Izmir. In 2019, we said "Only 1 out of every 10 directors is a woman", in 2020 we turned into a festival saying "Every woman dreams differently" and this year we are pleased to be able to organize the 4th International Women Filmmakers Festival by saying "Larger Than Life".

We grew up with the inclusion of our beloved assistant director Duygu Kocabaylıoğlu, our international coordinator Dr Zeynep Merve Uygun, our international coordinator Dr
Ebru Beyazıt and our Balkan Representative in Serbia Nena Popovic this year, who we
crossed paths with on the festival journeys of our films... We came together and
established the Women Directors Association. Together we are stronger! We all followed another dream together... We missed a structure that would not exclude anyone. The difficulties of being a female filmmaker became our common denominator. Today the phrase "director's cinema" comes across, when we talk about the cinema of our country and we add the phrase "woman filmmakers" to highlight achievements of women filmmakers in the national and international sector of cinema and our biggest goal is to resolve distribution problems.

At our festival, where 150 films from 30 countries have applied, 95 films by 80 directors
will be screened. 12 of movies world premiers‛ and 27 of movies Turkey premiers‛ will be
held in the festival. While being international, we were not content with just hosting an
international film selection, movies from Turkey will be screening with collaboration of
University of East Anglia and Association of Turkish Women in Britain in U.K.; with
collaboration of Pristine “Real” Association in Kosovo.
It takes a lot of strength to be fragile. We were unaware of the pandemic while
determining the main theme of the movie contest as "superheroism", where strong women are the main characters. The fact that the festival that we organize grows every year became virtual screening this year, may enable to became a traveling film festival. Let it be a festival where we welcome everyone's home with health and pleasure. Endless thanks to our colleagues who sent us their films in this independent film movement, to everyone who supported and believed in us.

We have been larger than life, We are and we will be larger than life.