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Thach Thao (Maya) is a beautiful girl with a good voice, but she soon loses her parents and is cared for by her cousin, singer Ellie (Trizzie Phuong Trinh). The first time she sang on stage, Thao immediately caught the eye of a music producer named Son (Quoc Cuong)... Then, Thao was invited by the SET Center, owned by the couple Son and Yvonne (Mai Thu Huyen), to cooperate in recording and filming a music film called "A Fragile Flower" and received technical guidance of vocal music from famous singer Le Khanh (Nhat Ha). With SET's professional investment and her ability, Thao became a renowned singer right after the first music film was released. Thao is beautiful, talented, and famous, so many men love her in different ways, including: a powerful Producer Son, a well-known Director Dang (Duc Tien), a Billionaire Bao Hoang (Anh Dung) and a young Musician Ngoc (Baggio Saetti). Then, which man will Thao's heart belong to?And what is the dangerous disease that she encountered? How did she overcome the challenges of her life?


  • Director Mai Thu Huyen
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Mai Thu Huyen

 Mai Thu Huyen

Mai Thu Huyen is a famous Director, Producer, Actress and Entrepreneur in Vietnam. She is also Founder & CEO of Tincom Media Company and President of Women Leaders Intercontinental Network, consisting of hundreds of members in many countries throughout Asia, Europe, America and Australia. She graduated from The Institute of International Relations in 2001 and HCMC University of Theater and Cinema - Major of Directing in 2023, gaining a Master's degree in business administration (MBA) in 2022. She has been in the film industry for 30 years. An established actress, with leading roles in over 30 movies and TV series, Mai Thu Huyen has produced 16 films and 7 TV shows. She has also hosted many TV Talk shows and events in Vietnam. She also won numerous awards in the film industry for acting and producing. Her first film as a director, "Kieu", has participated in many international film festivals in the US and India. And her latest movie "A Fragile Flower" as directer, producer, and actress will also release in the US, India, and Vietnam in 2024.