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Alma is a young woman who leads a peaceful life in the Brazilian countryside. She denies her own artistic potential at the same time that the outcomes of her mother‘s political involvement against the military dictatorship in Brazil are revealed.


  • Director Ana Rosa Genari Tezza
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Ana Rosa Genari Tezza

Ana Rosa Genari Tezza

Ana Rosa Genari Tezza is a Brazilian filmmaker and theater director. Between 2017 and 2021, she has made independent movies, web series and audiovisual content, developing research about movies that relates to theater. In 2019, she released the documentary “Rio Negro is its people” as executive producer. The movie premiered in Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, Manaus and riverside communities in Amazonas. In 2022, she wrote and directed her first feature film, “ALMA”. Founder of Ave Lola, a group that has been active for 13 years and also owns an independent theater in Curitiba, Brazil. Ana Rosa has directed many award-winning straight theater plays and develops, alongside her theater group, research that encompasses popular and contemporary theater.