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For forty years A-Rui has been running a barbershop. She is fully commited to her work and defeat is never an option for her, but her children treat her profession with disdain. One day, a family asks A-Rui if she would be willing to travel long-distance to cut the hair for their bedridden father. A-Rui decides to embark on a long journey to do something others think is not worthwhile.


  • Director Tien-Yu FU
  • Running Time

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Tien-Yu FU

FU Tien-yu began her career as a novelist and has won the most prestigious literature award in Taiwan. She has written scripts for several Taiwanese directors and made her directorial feature debut Somewhere I Have Never Travelled in 2009. My Egg Boy, her second feature film, was selected by international film festivals in South Korea, Canada and Japan. Day Off is her third feature film.