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A German film team is shooting a documentary in north-east Turkey. In a Kurdish village they witness an elderly woman performing a recurring ritual to keep the memory of her missing son alive. Meanwhile, a Turkish secret service agent from the region gets caught between the loyalty to his agency and the fear for the well-being of his family. His daughter seems to be haunted by a mysterious force. IN THE BLIND SPOT enfolds a complex net of conspiracy, paranoia and transgenerational trauma.


  • Director Ayşe Polat
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Ayşe Polat

Ayşe Polat

The German-Kurdish director, screenwriter and producer Ayşe Polat was born in Malatya, Turkey and grew up in Hamburg, Germany. After numerous internationally award-winning short films, she made her first feature film in 1999, titled “Tour Aboard”. "En Garde" followed in 2003, which won two Silver Leopards for “Best Film” and “Best Actress” at the International Filmfestival Locarno 2004. In 2009 she shot the comedy "Luks Glück"; followed by “The Heiress” in 2013 and the documentary “The Others” in 2016. She has directed several TV-movies and is currently working on her new feature film.