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A young woman, disturbed by her mother's death, goes through the mourning process, seeking refuge in the study and observation of funeral rites. As grief and acceptance of death permeate her inner universe, she finds herself.


  • Director Mónica Santos
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Mónica Santos

Mónica Santos

Mónica Santos is a multifaceted author who has won two Sophia awards, by the Portuguese Film Academy, and a nomination for César, by the French Academy, in her cinematographic journey. With a unique artistic vision, she creates universes that reinvent the real, giving them a poetic and surreal outlook that disrupts our perception. After finishing her master's degree at the Royal College of Art, as a Gulbenkian fellow, she worked with exponents of Portuguese cinema such as Manoel de Oliveira and José Fonseca e Costa as well as in several genres: cinema, advertising, documentary and television fiction. The last two short films “Amélia & Duarte'' and “Between the Shadows” (co-directed) connect animation technique with real image aesthetics, distinguishing itself by the awards it received nationally and internationally. The culmination of this accomplishment was the chance to represent Portuguese cinema on the tour of the world cinema academies “Les Nuits en Or”. She finished her first solo short film “Palma” and is working, among other artistic projects, on the film “The Pink Jacket”.