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Rita is seventeen. She has been hating her body since her childhood. Despite the bullying Rita decided to invite her classmates to her birthday party. She wanted to see Artem, a popular guy she is in love with. But everything went wrong, and Rita's diary was stolen at the party. Now she must take a step towards her biggest fear.


  • Director Alisa Khairetdinova
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Alisa Khairetdinova

 Alisa Khairetdinova

Born in 1997 in Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan. In 2015 she entered the Faculty of Journalism of the Higher School of Economics and started making documentaries as a part of her studies. The film “I'm not a feminist” got into the program of Artdocfest 2019. During studies she worked as a journalist on TV Rain and on other independent media. In 2020, she entered the Moscow Film School, directing course of Alexei Popogrebsky. Now she lives in Georgia and works as an HR-editor at Yandex.