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Hızır loses his wife Halime, who has been in intensive care for a long time. Her daughter, Hatice, learns from the nurse Evren, who had been devotedly helping her ailing mother, that he caused her mother's death. Hatice tries to be compassionate to her father, who comes to her house. She refrains from revealing the truth to him, but after a while, she can't keep this secret anymore and shares it with her sister, Kader. While thinking that they should tell Evren's confession to their father, Kader thinks they should go to the police. Kader's persistence on her sister creates an existential problem for Hatice, who is crushed under the weight of Evren's confession. All family members have to face the truth at a family dinner.


  • Director Filiz Kuka
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Filiz Kuka

Filiz Kuka

She was born in 1981 in Kosovo. After graduating from Marmara University Radio-TV-Cinema department, she worked as assistant director and second director in TV series and movies. She shot two short films, Bejlereve, Begova, Beyler and Blondie also she is the director of the international women's short film festival Directed by Women Turkey for four years. Confrontation is her first feature film.