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Aysun is a director in her late twenties. During the casting of the film she is preparing to shoot, a cargo arrives from her sister Arzu, who is abroad. Arzu sent a letter and a cassette containing camera recordings taken by Aysun when she was twelve. The footage features her family's car ride. This event that Aysun experienced in her childhood is also the subject of the movie she will shoot.


  • Director Özge Uçar
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Özge Uçar

Özge Uçar

She was born on September 29, 1992 in Eskisehir. She received her master's degree with the short film 'Graveyard Watchman', which she shot as her graduation thesis in the Department of Cinema and Television at Beykent University. Immediately afterwards, she started the Cinema and Television Doctorate Program at Beykent University. Since 2010, she has taken part in various projects as a screenwriter, copywriter and director and currently teaches scenario writing in institutions affiliated with the Ministry of Education.