Suicide Watchman Poster


The Ministry of Internal Affairs issues a nationwide circular in order to prevent the excessive increase in suicide cases in recent months. According to the circular; neighborhood guards will take turns waiting on the bridges to prevent suicides, and the guards will be rewarded by the ministry for every person they rescue from now on.

Rasheed is assigned to a deserted, nameless, collapsing bridge in a village far from the city center, which no one crosses except sheep. The people around Rasheed make his place of duty the object of ridicule. When this is the case, the deepest principle in human nature; he desire to be appreciated is stimulated.


  • Director Selin Aktaş
  • Running Time

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Selin Aktaş

Selin Aktaş

Selin Aktaş was born in Adana, 1995. In 2018 she graduated from Cukurova University Department of Radio, Television and Cinema as the first of her class. During the third year at college she started working as a cameraman for football and basketball games broadcast on Beinsport. In 2018 she started her master’s degree in Mersin University Institute of Social Sciences. She completed her master’s degree with her thesis “Digitalization’s Effect in the Editing of Turkish Cinema: Field Experiences”. For 2,5 years she’s been working as director of editing in Habitat TV, a documentary film branch of Tivibu. Her two films “Satılık” and “Saklambaç” participated in many festivals both national and international, and won many awards. Her newest short film “Suicide Watcman” which was funded by R.O.T. Ministry of Culture and Tourism continues her festival journey.