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With the donation of the Bridge to Turkey Fund, established by Turks living in America, and the Shipley Foundation, the construction of a gastronomy academy begins at Ege University Çeşme Tourism Faculty. With the academy model implemented for the first time in Turkey, it is aimed to open the academy to the public in addition to university education, to organize free workshops for people with economic inadequacy, and to provide producers with the opportunity to evaluate their products. and to create a brand in agriculture. The film focuses on the motivations of the project stakeholders, the unknown agricultural aspect of Çeşme, the value of production and what can be done in Çeşme and its surroundings after the sale of agricultural land.


  • Director Jale İncekol
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Jale İncekol

Jale İncekol

Jale İncekol was born in Istanbul. She graduated from Ege University Press and Publishing College in 1990. Since 1993, she has worked as an assistant director on numerous TV series, and started her directing career in 2004. She has been making independent documentary films for 7 years.