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The second film of the Pandemic Trilogy, “Why Am I Still Here Then?” is a sequel to 61 Street No 4, and it makes the audience experience the unconscious reflection of the Other who entered in the previous film. The monologues throughout the film emphasize the character's feeling of being stuck and her confrontation with the unconscious. As a result of the confrontation, the audience is left with a mind ready to be completely liberated. Experimental narrative, creative montage and sound design come to the forefront in “Why Am I Still Here Then?”, and it narrates us understanding and accepting our unconscious.


  • Director Çağıl Saydam
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Çağıl Saydam

 Çağıl Saydam

Çağıl Saydam was born in 1994. After graduating from the Izmir University of Economics, Cinema and Digital Media department, she received the Best Experimental Film award at the 27th Adana Golden Boll Film Festival with her graduation project "61 Sokak No 4." She was involved in theater throughout her university years. In 2022, she completed a feature-length film titled "Mutluluğun Kristali" with the Mukri collective in Izmir. In the same year, she worked as the director of photography for an internet project called "Cumartesi Gecesi." In 2021, along with Hazal Bayar, she directed the experimental fetish Gore film "Her Şey Sinirimi Bozuyor." In 2022, in collaboration with ASAM, Izmir University of Economics, and the French Cultural Center, she created a documentary titled "Ruhların Piramidi ve Yaşlı Kalpler." The festival process for her experimental short film "Peki Ben Neden hala Buradayım," which is a continuation of "61 Sokak," is ongoing. Actively collaborating with the Darağaç Collective in Izmir, Çağıl continues her work in editing. Describing herself as a filmmaker, she is a fan of horror cinema. Currently living in Izmir, Çağıl continues her work in the field of experimental cinema.