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"Veiled Inches" tells the story of Remya, a pregnant woman struggling against the constraints of society. The film explores themes of resilience, societal norms, poverty and class discrimination. Remya finds herself trapped in a world where societal rules limit her opportunities. Despite her attempts to overcome these obstacles, she faces numerous challenges that seem insurmountable. The film highlights the harsh realities she faces and the strength she discovers within herself.


  • Director Fathima A
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Fathima A

Fathima A

Definitely the pandemic out us all through a hard course, but it was same phase when I began embracing my passion for filmmaking. Since childhood I was passionate about chess. I was driven to compete at the state, national and international levels, and emerged as Women’s National Amateur Chess Champion in 2019. But unlike chess filmmaking was just a sidelined hobby initially. While in primary section we had lesson on Salim Ali and we had a teacher, Nirmala ma'am and began indulging in bird watching around our school. Somewhere this made me wanted to own a camera and my mother supported the same and I got my first one when in 5th standard. When the pandemic hit, my sister, Asna, expressed her interest in modelling, that is when I unofficially took the role of a videographer. I landed up in the course MA in Cinema and Television at Sacred Heart College, Thevara. It was here I actually began exploring my creative abilities, and developed a passion for direction and editing My family supported and gave me all the motivation to take up a not so easy career choice. With my senior Joe Joseph, we began our production house Asterix Productions on August 2022. Initially with no clue, we were two masters students! Starting with tiny projects we are lately getting exciting works . We have now registered our company and completed five projects in the last five months. Recently my short film 'Veiled Inches' won awards at a couple of International Film Festivals. These were the fancy dreams and these turning true keeps me going. The journey is definitely not a piece of cake but I am looking forward to make it big in the near future and help each other with our passions.