Nurdan Tümbek Tekeoğlu

Associate Professor Nurdan Tümbek Tekeoğlu started her business life after graduating from the Department of Sociology at Boğaziçi University. In 2010, she completed her PhD in marketing at Marmara University. She worked as senior manager  in the field of communication and marketing in private sector organizations for 25 years. Finally, she was the Representative of Metro AG Turkey. In this company, she started Metro Short Film Competition, Turkey's first  corporate short film competition for cinema students, with TÜRSAK for 9 years. She sent the first and second students to New York Film Academy for training. Tekeoğlu, who devoted herself to cinema, founded Medya Ton Film Production Company with her  husband Orhan Tekeoğlu, a journalist,  in 2007. She produced her first documemtary İFAKAT directed by Orhan Tekeoğlu, which is about the strong Black Sea Women, who live in high mountains in the Black Sea Region and struggle against nature and deal with agricultural production. The documentary received  jury award at the TRT Documentary Competition in 2011 and received many awards at the international festivals. Between 2010 and 2023, she produced the documentaries İfakat, I Loved You So Much (feature), Extraordinary People, Rudolf Nureyev: Island of Dreams, Torn Love, Twin Stars, Time To Leave, 7 Kybeles, Untold Story of Fatma Kayacı ( 2022 TRT Documentary Competition-Culture Ministry Award)  and most recently Shattered with The Best Activist Message Award from FICAA Mexico. She is currently preparing for the documentaries titled RETURN and MY MOTHER’S PERA. Her short films titled Torn Love and 2 Days and Shattered, a documentary are the films she directed. She studied at Istanbul Film Academy in 2019. She is one of the filmmakers accepted to EFA with reference from Turkey. She made most of her documentaries through crowdfunding and shared her knowledge by presenting  she learnt at many festivals. She  started Rotary Örsçelik Balkan Short Film Competition as Region 2420 and has been serving in the organizing committee for 5 years. She thinks that documentaries are the most important works to transfer today's cultural heritage to future generations.Tekeoğlu is also a faculty member at Istanbul Commerce University, Faculty of Business Administration. She has two daughters, one named Damla Altay, a clinical psychologist, and Öykü Tekeoğlu, a digital marketing manager.

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