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Yasemin (32), Nilüfer (28), Defne (25) and Deniz (18) were four sisters who gathered at the hostel inherited from their father years later, after the death of their father. The eldest, Yasemin, and his wife, Mustafa, have worked in this hostel for many years. After the death of their lotus mother and her father's remarriage, she had years of trouble with her father, moving out of town for college and over time, she was separated from her family. Defne is the free spirited daughter of the family, and like Nilüfer, she has moved out of the city, but is not separated from her family. His younger sister Deniz was the daughter of Mehmet's second wife, Anna. She's quiet and calm. Girls who've been estranged for years gather over their father's death. Thinking about what they're going to do about their inheritance, in the days when they spend time together at the hostel, they get close and they start to understand each other. These four distinct young women so that years later, they'll understand each other, walk into the sea together for the first time, where they grew up together.


  • Director Büşra Bilginer
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Büşra Bilginer

Büşra Bilginer

I was born on May 20, 1999, in the district of Manavgat in Antalya. I spent my life in Side until I moved to Istanbul to study cinema, after graduating from high school. In 2017, I started studying Cinema and Television at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. I received screenplay trainin from Pınar Bulut from TOY Istanbul. In 2018, I wrote 'KIYIDA.' In 2021, under the guidance of my instructor at school, Osman Sınav, In 2022, I completed the filming of my first movie "ON THE SHORE".